Op 18 november zal de band loos. de ArtEZ JazzJam openen in Jazzpodium De Tor.

loos.loos. is soul-esque vocals, urban beats, jazzy elements… but most of it all it´s lyrical music. The lyrics by singer and band leader franziska loos deal with likewise profane problems and private impressions she gets from observing her generation. With her very expressive voice she brings her stories across through her pieces directly into the conscious mind of the listener. A talent which other musicians realized as well and which for instance made the jazz-echo awarded jazz-bassist andré nendza chose her as the lead singer for his project „a.tronic“.

Na deze openingsband zal er zoals gebruikelijk een jamsession zijn.
Vrij entree, neem je instrument mee en join the session!


  • Franziska Loos – vocals
  • Vincent Dombrowski – reeds/electronics
  • Raphael Röchter – piano
  • Jan Neumann – bass
  • Lukas Schwegmann – drums