De Jazz- sessie van het ArtEZ Conservatorium Enschede, afdeling Jazz&Pop.

De avond wordt geopend door een TWITCH TRIO:

Energy and communication is the essence of TWITCH TRIO. It is not easy to find a name for a style what defines this music. You can hear influences from jazz, rock and even pop music. The sometimes fragmentary structured songs make you think of “EST” or Avishai Cohen. But why should you compare TWITCH TRIO with any other band or musician? They are a band with an own sound and an own philosophy. This is mainly due to the fact that the TWITCH TRIO plays originals from Tobias Meyer, who’s main goal is to never to copy bands or to try to fit in a special genre. Everything is about setting the right atmosphere.

Arnan Kaemingk | sax
Tobi Meyer | guitar
Johannes Hanekamp | double bass
Lukas Joachim | drums

“The sheer joy that Tobi Meyer emits while playing is contagious. His modern but sonorous compositions are highly original. I can’t wait to hear more of this trio!”
~ Reinier Baas (winner EDISON JAZZ/WORLD AWARD in 2013)

Na de eerste set kan ieder die dat wil aanhaken. Ook niet-ArtEZ studenten zijn van harte welkom! De entree is vrij.